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ZYDOT UNLIMITED, INC. was established in the summer of 1987 by three ex-long-haired hippies with an idea (that was laughed at by everyone) to market a product that would allow someone to pass a UA. We disagreed with what we considered to be the government's violation of an individual's constitutional protection from self-incrimination and illegal search and seizure. We actually thought we could get drug testing outlawed! We had no idea what we were up against, but at the same time we had nothing to lose.

Being the pioneer of a highly controversial product put us in the crosshairs of government agencies, TV stations and Newspapers who wanted to bring down the company who they thought sold an unethical product. Eight months into our venture a local news station aired a three day story on Zydot during "sweeps week." When the news station purchased our product for their investigation, they unknowingly became our biggest customer. They also provided us with the best free advertising we could possibly ask for. Keeping up with demand became difficult.

The news story also began our legal dance in federal court beginning with the U.S. Postal Service. They wanted proof that our product worked. We gave them proof, but that wasn't enough. In order to get the U.S. Postmaster off our backs, all we had to do was stop shipping our products through the U.S. mail and we thought that would solve the problem… Then came the City & State Health Department, the FDA, the IRS, the State Employment Commission, the U.S. Attorney General and the U.S. Marshals.

We realized that we had to look at transforming our product, our policies and in essence ourselves. We began an education of sorts, reviewing endless legislation at the local, state, and federal level. This was to keep our retailers, our employees, our lawyers, and ourselves in the know and out of trouble. In order to appease certain powers that be, we changed our product name from Drug Free to Test Free to Special Blend and finally in the early 1990's to our current product Ultimate Blend.

We singlehandedly went through all of the legal hurdles with federal and state authorities, paving the way for a brand new industry. Because of our efforts, numerous Detox companies burst onto the scene, and many have since disappeared. Zydot Unlimited Inc., after all this time, is still here and going strong. We continue to provide our customers with the most innovative and highest quality Detox products on the market.